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Iron Sharpens Iron is a Worthy Women Ministries online series where women share their stories about how God showed up in the most unexpected situations! Click the icon to watch these faith-building stories.

Every Thursday at 6:00 PM (EST) we are coming together in faith, inviting the Holy Spirit to move in our midst. Join us as we ask God to move the mountains in our lives. Click the social icon to join.

Join us live every morning at 9:00 AM (EST) as women come together to give the Lord their first fruits with prayer and a devotional. We may even have a guest author or speaker! Click the social icon to join.

If you would like to be mentored by a woman in our community, please visit our mentoring page and fill out a mentor application.

Worthy Women Ministries is located in Knoxville TN. It is a passion of ours to serve the local community and share the good news of God’s saving grace to all women. If you are looking for a way to connect with other women, we provide a few great places to start.

volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. If you’re considering a new career, volunteering can help you get experience in your area of interest and meet people in the field. Even if you’re not planning on changing careers, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, project planning, task management, and organization.

Stay tuned for our upcoming monthly fellowship meetings!

Every Tuesday at 4:30 PM (EST) we host a bible study in our ministry home, Diasozo House. Diasozo House is our ministry home in east Knoxville that houses women who need assistance in breaking the poverty cycle. You will have a chance to be poured into as well as pour into others as we focus on a specific study topic for the evening. Come as you are, or lead the evening through a study.

We always have opportunities for women to make a difference in the community. Sign up to join our community of volunteers.

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