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Diasozo House

Diasozo House is a faith-based supportive housing ministry for women that are looking to break the cycle of poverty and give their future generations a better start.

Our burden for women, the opportunity to serve them, and the boldness to say yes

The Diasozo House was established in 2021 in partnership with FIG Solutions.

We recognized during our time doing ministry with women in the community that affordable housing and safe Christian community was desperately needed. We had a belief that sisterhood didn’t stop on Sunday after church, but that relationships and intimacy with Christ was needed on an everyday bases to overcome generational strongholds and many other barriers women face in today’s culture. Through prayer and seeking the Lord for an opportunity, He answered our burdened hearts with the opportunity to start Diasozo House.

Diasozo Houses up to 4 women providing them with their own bedroom while teaching them to work together in the shared living spaces.
Life-skills as simple as cooking classes are provided to women during their time at the Diasozo House.

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We are so blessed to have so many women asking what we need! Here are a few things that you can keep an eye out for. To share these on your story, download these pictures and tag @worthywomenonline!

Daily Social & Marketplace Skills

  • Daily Routines & Time Management
  • Making Appointment and Filling Out Forms
  • Friendships, Communication & Problem Solving
  • Texting, Email & Telephone Manners
  • Value of Money and Budgeting
  • Buying of Goods and Services
  • Menu Math and Grocery Shopping Math
  • Calculating Sales Tax
  • Forms of Payment
  • Etc.

Daily Health & Hygiene Skills

  • Healthy Nutrition and Meal Planning
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Personal Hygiene, Grooming, and Dental Care
  • Household Care: Cooking, Laundry and Cleaning
  • Personal, Community and Travel Safety
  • Etc.

Practical Life Skills

  • Independent Living
    • A Place to Live
    • Personal Safety
    • Transportation
    • Community Resources
  • Managing Money
    • Living on a Budget
    • Managing Credit
    • Saving and Investing
    • Contracts and Commitments
    • Scams and Frauds
  • Employment and Volunteering
    • Preparing a Resume
    • Job Interviewing
    • Thriving on the Job
    • Communicating with Peers & Supervisors
    • Volunteering
    • Employee Rights

Diasozo House is possible in partnership with FIG Solutions

“At FIG Solutions, we value Stewardship and Sustainability.  Through grants and private funding, we are able to revitalize otherwise forgotten properties and provide affordable housing for communities and emergency assistance with rent payments.”

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