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Do you need support overcoming barriers that are keeping you from independent housing?
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Taking a unique approach to bring women a christ-centered continuum of care

Diasozo House is our supportive housing program that assists women in the community struggling to find affordable housing.

The largest demographic in the US of individuals living in poverty are women between the ages of 18-24. Our ministry saw this as a unique opportunity to combine evangelism and Christ-centered resources as a solution for one of the country’s most underserved populations.

Diasozo Houses 4 women in a completely furnished home that provides access to christ-centered care through partnerships with organizations and churches across the region.
Residents participate in weekly Life-Skill classes and Individual Support Planning.
Our communal living provides women with a workforce station that is updated with the helpful resources available in the community.
Bible Studies and fellowship happen weekly, giving women a place to build healthy relationships and grow.
Classes Include
  • Daily Routines & Time Management
  • Making Appointment and Filling Out Forms
  • Friendships, Communication & Problem Solving
  • Texting, Email & Telephone Manners
  • Value of Money and Budgeting
  • Buying of Goods and Services
  • Menu Math and Grocery Shopping Math
  • Calculating Sales Tax
  • Forms of Payment
  • Etc.
Classes Include
  • Independent Living
    • A Place to Live
    • Personal Safety
    • Transportation
    • Community Resources
  • Managing Money
    • Living on a Budget
    • Managing Credit
    • Saving and Investing
    • Contracts and Commitments
    • Scams and Frauds
  • Employment and Volunteering
    • Preparing a Resume
    • Job Interviewing
    • Thriving on the Job
    • Communicating with Peers & Supervisors
    • Volunteering
    • Employee Rights

Individual Support Planning

We identify unique barriers and work towards success with individual support planning that tracks achievements from start to finish.

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Pillar Two

Pillar Three