Worthy Women provides in-person and virtual mentoring

We recognize that in today’s culture, there is a need for true connection. Our mentorship program can be done in person or virtually, allowing Christian women to connect globally. Our mentoring program is structured to develop environments where women can be vulnerable and authentic with one another, fostering spiritual and personal growth for the mentee.

Ready to grow in your worth, identity, and purpose in Jesus Christ?

The Mentor  

A mentor is a wise woman who is mature in faith, a devoted Christ-follower who leads by His example, and strives to live a Christ-centered life through every season. She is willing to listen, share skills and insight and provide a positive perspective for life experiences. She provides spiritually sound guidance and encouragement because she is a little further down the straight and narrow.

The Mentee

A mentee is a woman who welcomes the insight and knowledge of a more mature woman. She desires to grow and develop certain skills and strengths for her personal and spiritual journey. She is looking for a friend who has dealt with the struggles and phases of life she now faces.

I was inspired to create my own war room where I wake up early, before my family, and do my bible study and pray. Just knowing someone is praying for me and holding me accountable means so much more than just a simple “Hey, how are ya?” that you get with regular relationships.

Stacy Phillips