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Inspired by the Faith Promise series “No Excuses” by Dr. Chris Stephens.

Stepping into being disciples that are making other disciples

As Christian women, we have a calling. Become a disciple who makes other disciples. So what exactly is a “disciple”? I like how Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible gives this description of a disciple: “Someone who follows another person or another way of life and who submits himself to the discipline (teaching) of that leader or way.” To put it simply, we become set apart from the usual way of life and begin following the Lord’s teachings and how He would have us live. Ultimately striving to glorify Him in all that we do. When we begin to disciple others, we simply ask them to do what we are doing and act as a guide to help them along the way. I want each of you to know something significant… If you have asked the Lord to come into your life and recognize him as your Lord and Savior, you ARE a disciple. I love how the series “No Excuses” makes that abundantly clear to us. It doesn’t matter if you have been saved for 1 day, 1 week, or most of your life… you can be a disciple-making machine! Did you recently get saved and, out of overwhelming excitement, tell your friends or family? Way to go! Now call them to action by helping them engage in their Christian walk, then you are discipling!

Check out the entire series of “No Excuses” on YouTube

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Something came to life for me through this series, discipleship is so much more than being a witness; it is calling someone to take action. Those actions can be simple, like having them share something with you so you can pray about it. “Can I pray for you this week?” This simple question calls them to act by sharing a burden with you. (Galatians 6:2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.) Discipling doesn’t have to be hard, and it is quite unrealistic to think that you must have some set of extravagant words that are delivered flawlessly. (did we forget we are human, flawed?) The power that is released isn’t because of any perfect thing we said; God is the one who makes it perfect! He loves to use messy people, by the way!

Proverbs 31:25 25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” God didn’t make you with a Spirit of fear! Discipling will unlock blessings in your life that you couldn’t have imagined possible before!

Seriously He really loves using messy people. Take me for instance… I could not even begin to tell you how absolutely messy I can be. Haha! But, by grace; I am learning to have fun in the mess and enjoy the excitement of the unknown that the Lord continues to call me into. He will always bring us to places we never could have imagined ourselves being in. And let me tell you, being a Christian is in no way boring! Sometimes I like to think the Lord takes us into the unknown because when we are somewhere unfamiliar to us, we have no other choice but to completely trust Him. I promise you that if you begin doing things that are out of your comfort zone for the Lord, He will shower blessings over your life! I think we could all use some blessings, don’t you?

This week during a bible study that I host from home, the conversation topic turned towards what a schedule for discipleship accountability and action steps might look like. I also had the same case come up in an earlier phone call with another of my treasured sisters. Coincidence? Most definitely not. I have learned that very little is a coincidence when walking the Christian walk, so here it is…

A printable and editable calendar for anyone who wants discipleship to be a part of their regular routine! You by no means have to use what I have created. Maybe this will inspire you to create your own! Go for it, girl! I just want to be obedient when He speaks and pray that it inspires one of you to continue to strengthen your own walk. In the calendar, you will see weekly reminders that I will begin practicing in my own walk. I have made a space for the list of names the Lord has laid on my heart. I also really liked having the Faith Promise links on this calendar for a quick copy and paste through a text. I like to ask people to act in their walk with the Lord by inviting them to Next Steps, a Small Group, or Leadership Launch. Why? Because those are the things I did that launched me into my personal ministry field!

Do you have something you are doing that works well? Share it with our ladies by emailing us at! Don’t forget to continue to pray for BOB (a Burden, an Opportunity, and Boldness)

Thanks for being so inspirational Pastor Chris!

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

Mikhael Armao

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If you have asked the Lord to come into your life and recognize him as your Lord and Savior, you ARE a disciple.

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