Open House

I will never forget the words that were spoken to me as I stood on a broken concrete walkway into Diasozo House. It was our open house event, spreading the good news of what Jesus had done for our ministry by providing a group of women who were pouring their love for the Lord out to on women online, now opening a door for that same opportunity to happen in a hungry community.

The house was full and God’s love was present. Two men who feared the Lord brought us an anointed gift and blessed us with their presence of acknowledgment. They too knew that God was in this place. We were doing something new. Offering something more than just the dull taste of government checks and handouts that put them at the bottom unless they had a child to indoctrinate.

As I asked them to please pray wherever the Lord moved them to pray, I received something that I never knew would revive my weary soul months later. As I stood on the broken concrete in front of a worn house, thanking the two men for coming, the pastor said to me, “The Lord spoke to me very clearly as I prayed for this ministry. He told me that everything planted here would thrive. It was clear to me that it wasn’t just a word for the plants.”

I have seen and tasted the goodness of the Lord. We are now preparing for the opening of our second ministry home in the East Knoxville community. Though the devil may come to try and steal, kill, and destroy, nothing planted near this ministry has gone unmarked by the presence of God since that day. Our ministries name is listed on a sheet full of names of government-run opportunities. From rehabs to homeless liaisons at college campuses, we are providing an option for single women to have an option for faith-based supportive housing.

It is now that we call upon the body of Christ to do what has never been done before. Use its power to create systems that give women in the community an option aside from welfare to find stability.

As boldly as I speak these words I also ask this in Jesus name.

Published by Mikhael Armao

I am a disciple and warrior for Jesus Christ on a mission to help other women break chains and advance the Kingdom of God.