Peace after abuse, suicidal attempts, and addiction…

Kayla Bunch shares her full testimony in our private network and offers a way to draw closer to the Lord through intentional scripture writing…

Last week I received a message from Kayla on facebook about how she wanted to start sharing her Monthly Scripture Writing plan to the women in our network. What I didn’t know is that I was talking to a seasoned warrior who had battled Satan through abuse, addiction, and suicide. Her story took my breath away. I could only imagine how completely hopeless she must have felt through some of the horrible circumstances she lived through. She tells us about how enough was finally enough and she gave everything over to God. His power, grace, and mercy turned her story around, and now she is serving in ministry leading and coaching! What a mighty God we serve!

“I just want other people to have somewhere to find a Scripture writing plan that they know will feed into them spiritually.” -Kayla Bunch

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During my time talking with Kayla, she shared how the Lord spoke to her instructing her to create Monthly Scripture Writing plans…

“I do a Scripture writing plan every month and release it on the last day of the month. I started prayerfully coming up with my own because I kept finding myself being discouraged by the ones I found online to follow. So many of them felt like they Googled one word and threw any verses in that had the word in it. I take each step with prayer and thoroughly check each verse- the context around it and the way it reads in more than one version. I literally almost gave up on doing Scripture writing because I got so discouraged, but God spoke to me and I felt like I had to do it. I just want other people to have somewhere to find a Scripture writing plan that they know will feed into them spiritually.”

If you want to read Kayla’s full testimony, you can find it by joining our private network on facebook. Our network is always private. Many women are only beginning to share their stories and sometimes that can be really tough. Worthy Women is always a safe and encouraging place for women to be vulnerable and authentic!

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“There is peace after abuse, suicidal attempts, and addiction! His name is Jesus!”

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