Continuum of Care

Working together to provide excellent and comprehensive Christ-Centered services to women in need of assistance.

Throughout history, we have seen community members come together forming coalitions to achieve goals for good. Our coalition members value working together to make a measurable impact for the Kingdom.

Our planning body meets monthly to identify gaps in services, share resources, and discover solutions for the women we serve in the community.

Coalition Members

Full list of coalition members coming soon.

(addiction recovery, housing, life-coaching, mental health, women’s health, human trafficking, food pantries, clothing, advocates, volunteers, churches)

Women in Leadership Speak

Jehovah Rapha

Time does not heal! Only Jesus heals! I have heard all my life, time heals. Time does not heal! Only Jesus heals; only He restores what is broken and lost in us. We can search our whole lives waiting for “ time“ to do her great work, but the reality is, then you will neverContinue reading “Jehovah Rapha”

Worth and Identity – What’s the difference and how do they work together?

Have you ever seen a Spirit-filled, bold, and confident daughter of the King and wondered to yourself, “Where does she get all that confidence from?” Well, I can tell you this… she didn’t just wake up like that one day. There is hard work involved in walking in purpose with boldness. What you see isContinue reading “Worth and Identity – What’s the difference and how do they work together?”


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