Our Mission

Worthy Women Ministry strives to provide environments where Christ-centered relationships can flourish through vulnerability and authenticity as we encourage one another to explore our worth, identity, and purpose in Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Supportive Housing

Diasozo House is a faith-based housing program that focuses on helping women break the long term effects of poverty off of their lives, opening doors to a life filled with hope for them and their future generations.


We provide in person and virtual mentoring to women who are looking to strengthen their walk with the Lord, focusing on the key elements of worth, identity, and purpose. Mentors help women find confidence in who God made them to be and how to living a purpose driven life for the Kindgdom.


Our communities are built with one thing in mind, having an intimate relationship with Jesus. With over 700+ women in our online community, life-long bonds are being built as Jesus uses His daughters to remind us that no matter what we face in life, we are never alone.

Our prayer team is ready to intercede with you. Send us your prayer request or ask us how you can join our team.

Leaving the 99 to find the 1

Women in poverty by the numbers


of the population in Knoxville Tennessee are female.


of the population in Knoxville live below poverty with female majority ages 18-34.


of those women have received faith-based housing, healing, and life-skills at Diasozo House.

What women are saying…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Effective Community”

“The Worthy Women community gives me a sense of accountability, more so than if I were studying independently.”

Lili Morris

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Life Changing Mentorship”

I was inspired to create my own war room where I wake up early, before my family, and do my bible study and pray. Just knowing someone is praying for me and holding me accountable means so much more than just a simple “Hey, how are ya?” that you get with regular relationships.

Stacy Phillips

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“New-found Confidence”

“After recording my testimony on Iron Sharpens Iron, I feel like I have been able to walk more confidently in who I am! A lot of doors have opened for me and I have new women in my life that I can pour into and new people pouring into me!”

Hunter Crisp

Sister Spotlight

Christian Author, Tracy Hill donates “A Daughter of the King” bible studies to the women at Diasozo House and shares a word with us on unity.

Unity—a concept that is greatly desired in this world, but also seemingly elusive when approached through our human effort. This past year has brought the concept and craving for unity to the forefront of our streets, our news, our hearts, and our lives.”

by the word of our testimony

Defeating the enemy for generations to come

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