Binding and Loosing

I’d like to talk about the topic of binding and loosing so we as believers are aware of how the Kingdom of God comes to earth through the body of Christ. It seems as if this topic is quite controversial because there are many believers using binding and loosing out of context. Let me be clear before we enter into this topic in depth, as believers we only participate with what is already being done in the third Heaven. Through the power of God and the counsel of His Holy Spirit, we are given instructions on how to participate with God’s will. This being said, to participate in Heaven is to develop the discipline of sitting quietly at the feet of Jesus. This is one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about encouraging women to get into their Bible every morning. Those who do, see and experience these miraculous moments, and are humbled in awe because of it.

Let’s take a look at the scripture in Matthew…

I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; and whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in Heaven.

Matthew 16:19

In this section of scripture, Jesus is talking directly to the Apostle Peter. I think it’s important to really look at who Jesus is speaking to and why. In the verse just before 19, we see Jesus speaking Peter’s purpose over him. His purpose was to build the church. Now, I have never known God to call someone to do something and not give him the tools and wisdom to complete it. We must remember that this is about the sovereignty of GOD, not the power in Peter’s words. To walk in the spiritual gifts is to understand that we do not deserve them which propels us to walk in them with humility and reverence to God. Essentially, Jesus was telling Peter that He would become a vessel to complete what was already declared in Heaven.

Now, Let’s look at binding a loosing in the context of that culture and time in the scripture.

Bind and Loose was a phrase commonly used in Jewish legal phraseology. To bind was to declare something forbidden and to loose was to declare something permissible or to allow. In the original greek, we find…

Bind | G1210 | δέω
To bind (in various applications literally or figuratively):- bind be in bonds knit tie wind.

Loose | G3089 | λύω
To loosen (literally or figuratively): – break (up) destroy dissolve (un-) loose melt put off.
Strong’s Concordance

Now that we are equipped with a true meaning of binding and loosing, what example does this set for us today? Well, we look in the scripture and see that Jesus was giving this ability to access the Kingdom to his disciple for the purpose of building the church.

(The topic of building the church alone has so much rich truth to be uncovered. I would encourage you to discover what it means to build the church so you can receive how rich this scripture truly is. A good place to start would be in 1 Corinthians 3.)

This binding and loosing was an ability to participate with God’s will for His church. Peter did not have the authority to bend God’s will with his own words, he was only declaring what had been revealed to him through the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This looks like a life surrendered to God, not a life declaring one’s own power. To bind and to loose is to listen carefully to the counsel of the Holy Spirit, not a prideful and puffed-up weapon to harm God’s children.

I think that the heart of discipleship is often missed and can get distorted in power and authority over man. The heart of discipleship says, “How can I serve you?” not, “How can I dominate you?”

So, as disciples and participating members of the body, we are all called to build in some capacity. A Kingdom divided will surely fall. It is in this truth that we can discern the will of God as we bind and loose. Its fruit will be unity because God is not seeking to come for a divided bride.

Are you binding and loosing things in your home, woman of God? Are you sitting quietly at the feet of Jesus and participating with Him in His purpose for your life as the bride of Christ? There is a war raging that we cannot see with our natural eyes. Ask God to show you how to use the keys to the Kingdom and declare over your home what is already done in Heaven.

The time to participate is now.

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