Crazy Enough to Believe

For we walk by faith, not by sight. Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord. So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please Him.

2 Corinthians 5:7-9

It takes the kind of courage some might call crazy to believe God is everything He says He is. But, once you’ve seen Him move, your life becomes an endless pursuit to be where He is. There is nothing like Him, and His power is the source of courage to walk in the unseen.

In May, Worthy Women Ministries had a group of volunteers till up a section of soil in the backyard of the Diasozo House. This has been significant to me over the last few months as I pray and walk with the Lord to fulfill His desire through our ministry. I am not saying that standing in the Lord’s perfect will is easy or that we (I) always get it right. In fact, that would be a devastating lie to believers who are looking for truth. It takes courage, just as Paul states in 2 Corinthians. Courage to protect, stand firm, and lead for God’s Kingdom. We have His faithful promises amidst all of the highs and lows. Seeing Him fulfill His promises gives us the courage to be “crazy” enough to believe the one and only truth in a world desperate to comfortably tuck us in with a soft blanket of fear, confusion, and complacency.

We put a notice out for a volunteer day, unsure who would come to help but determined to get the work done. We felt God’s presence on this day when a few courageous and faithful showed up to provide an opportunity for the women in our community to see produce grow in their backyard. A chance to connect with God as The One who tends the garden.

John 15:1 I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.

Along this journey, we faced a barrier with water supply due to a broken water spigot shortly after planting the vegetables in the soil. The urgency to find a solution was heightened by a current drought the city had been experiencing. I stood back, looking at our work only a few days later, overwhelmed with frustration. We as people often have an initial response to throw up our hands when we ask for help, and all the doors continue to shut. We question our abilities and even ask if we heard God’s instructions clearly. We fail to recognize the magnitude of God’s brilliance and masterful plans. We give way to a disguised pride that tells us our shortcomings have the power to derail God’s purpose…

At that moment, all I could do was look up and ask God what He was trying to do. My heart hurt deeply, thinking our community would miss experiencing God this way. It was more significant than personal failure; it was frustration that the women He was bringing desperately needed His hope. I didn’t understand God had a plan to show me something more remarkable about His love for His daughters.

Psalm 126:6 One who goes here and there weeping, carrying his bag of seed, shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

This scripture spoke so profoundly to me in this frustration I was experiencing. You would be surprised by the roaring heart cries coming from women worldwide. Mothers are crying out for their children, daughters crying out for their parents, sisters crying out for their siblings, wives crying out for their husbands, and grandmothers crying out for their grandchildren. I have been to 2 newborn funerals this year. In desperation, we find a world settling for delusion, submitting to blindness for a chance of relief from this suffocating grief. Then there are a few desperately seeking out the promise God, ABBA Father, is speaking over them to catch a breath of air. This was when I began to look around and realize God was watering the garden at Diasozo House with the safely kept tears of His daughters.

When the fullness of this revelation hit me, I found myself standing in the rain as His lovingkindness brought me to tears of joy. My spirit cried out, “Use us, Father.” Those marvelous moments when we experience the Kingdom of God collide with earth…

Lamentations 2:11 My eyes fail from weeping, I am in torment within, my heart is poured out on the ground because my people are destroyed, because children and infants faint in the streets of the city.

You see, I am crazy enough to believe that God loves His daughters that much. I’ve witnessed Him bring consistent rain since we planted the vegetables in our garden. There is no doubt in my mind that He is watching over us intently, and He has revealed to those willing to receive that He is so much more than the Gardener. He is the Provider, the Protector, the Healer. The doors we felt close were leading us to a revelation of His brilliance by the power of the Holy Spirit. When we are courageous enough to believe, we see. When we are bold enough to embrace the frustration and press forward, we receive what we could never earn or deserve. His glory is all around.

He reveals His majesty to us in all of His creation. All praise, glory, and honor be to the King of kings. The one who waters and tends the Garden of our life.

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