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Jehovah Rapha

Time does not heal! Only Jesus heals! I have heard all my life, time heals. Time does not heal! Only Jesus heals; only He restores what is broken and lostContinue reading "Jehovah Rapha"

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The Power of Planting Seeds

One of the most incredible things we get to do is watch women flourish through our housing program. Sometimes interactions as simple as making the proper referral can be life-changing.Continue reading "The Power of Planting Seeds"

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Worth and Identity – What’s the difference and how do they work together?

Have you ever seen a Spirit-filled, bold, and confident daughter of the King and wondered to yourself, “Where does she get all that confidence from?” Well, I can tell youContinue reading "Worth and Identity – What’s the difference and how do they work together?"

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Uprooting Shame

Shame is undeniably one of the most widely used tactics of the enemy against women. Shame tells us to isolate, and shame makes us a victim. Shame tells us weContinue reading "Uprooting Shame"

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Walking in her shoes

This past Thursday, Mikhael Armao spoke at an annual event called “Hunks in Heels.” This is an annual event put on by a nonprofit called Iva’s Place located in LoudonContinue reading "Walking in her shoes"

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Mikhael Armao

CEO | Founder

Mikhael Armao is the CEO and founder of Worthy Women Ministries LLC. Her passion is to see women of all ages and from all walks of life, step into a life of abundance while walking in their God-given purpose.


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